Psychoeducational evaluations with Dr. Randolph can serve to:

  • Diagnose ADHD and verbal or nonverbal learning disabilities

  • Determine learning strengths and limitations

  • Identify appropriate academic and clinical supports (including formal academic accommodations)

  • Provide a 3-year re-evaluation update for an individualized education program (IEP)


Learning disability evaluations

Evaluations to rule out or reconfirm learning disabilities involve assessment of academic aptitude (usually including various components of reading, math, and writing aptitude), general intellectual skills, and parent/teacher perspectives. Areas such as attention and executive functions, learning and memory, auditory processing, language skills, and mood may also be assessed.


Evaluations for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD evaluations involve assessment of attention, executive skills (such as organization, multitasking, and working memory), learning, information processing, mood, and reasoning. The ADHD evaluation also involves consultation with parents and relevant professionals.

Dr. Randolph routinely reviews evaluation findings with parents, students, and, when appropriate, school personnel.  He is also available to meet with educators on an ongoing basis to implement and modify recommended supports.